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Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst The Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza (2006-03-15)

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Powerful book

In 1994 there was a savage genocide in rwanda that murdered 1 million tutsis, twas, and a mild amount of hutus. they were murdered by the hutu government very violently. survival was very scarce in this genocide. immaculee managed to survive by hiding in a bathroom with other women for three long months throughout the genocide. her pastor is the one who immaculee and the other women within his home specifically in his bathroom. many times the hutu killers would come in the home. these killers would chant and threaten to find and then kill immaculee. immaculee was forced to say goodbye to her family members as she knew they were going to be slaughtered. throughout being in hiding immaculee remained faithful and trusted god that he would be with her and carry her through this time tragedy. her sense of faith and trust in god came from her family. her family were seen as very strong christians. immaculee's family were known to be extremely nice people. someone even called her mother a saint because of the caring she gave to others. immaculee’s family were viewed as christians who lived out christianity truthfully because their actions displayed that. immaculee carried this out herself as we see in left to tell by how she remains faithful to god and gives him all her trust even when it is very hard to under the life or death situation she is faced with. there was a point in left to tell when immaculee came in contact with a man who threatened to kill her repeatedly while she was hiding in her pastor’s home during the genocide. however, immaculee forgave him because as a christian that's what she believed that was what she had left to do. eventually, immaculee came to safety and survived the rwandan genocide as she arrived to a french army base. immaculee’s hope and faith throughout this book greatly affected my own trust in god in the most positive way possible. left to tell urged me to remain faithful to god even in hard times because god will never leave me in the dark. immaculee’s testimony is proof of that to me. i would recommend this book to anyone who is uncertain in their faith or who wants to grow in their faith. also i would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the rwandan genocide, this book would be very resourceful.

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Forgiveness means you get off scott-free

In the 90's, when the rwandan holocaust was reported, i must admit i said, "who? what country? oh, yeah. over there." and that's about all the attention that i gave this central africa country - yet in the recesses of my mind, the question of who they are remained. and, ms. ilibagiza shares not only the history and geography of her mother-country, she also eloquently shares how her childhood and early adulthood prepared her to rise above: a. a 3-month slaughter of people from her tribe; b. her having to hide from hutu, with other starving women, in a tiny bathroom; and, c. how she manages to forgive he man who brutal murdered of each of her family members. this story is one of desire, determination and intent. the results of which have and continue to allow ms. ilibagiza to compassionately respond to what exists, so that she may teach others to see possibilities. above "left to tell" teaches,"it's not what happens to you; it's what you do with what you've experienced."

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An inspiring testament to the power of faith

Continuing on with my 52 books around the world challenge, left to tell is my selection for rwanda. as with many of the books set in africa, it depicts the horrors of war. the systematic genocide of an entire race of people by former friends and neighbors, is about as low, dark and ugly as the human race can sink. but this book is different, because it doesn’t just plop you down in the middle of unthinkable horror. ms. ilibagiza may have been trapped in a closet, fearing that at any moment the killers would find her, but she wasn’t alone. i’m not referring to the other women who shared that tiny bathroom – i’m referring to god. immaculee had moments of beautiful communion with her creator during that siege, and her surrender to him helped to bring her peace and keep her from harm. left to tell is a inspiring testament to the power of faith, forgiveness and hope. there is a message here for everyone.