Brand : Ross King

Leonardo and the Last Supper

Jan v. white |


Absolutely wonderful. well researched and written in understandable language. it illuminates the life of davinci like no other. an easy read and engaging.

Charles l. |

Ross king does it again

Leonardo. there is a name that stands alone. in his book, "leonardo and the last supper," ross king does a masterful job of depicting leonardo and 15th century life in florence, italy. leonardo was difficult to define because there were so many facets to his personality. king takes a while to get to leonardo's beginning of his mural masterpiece, but that is how leonardo worked - taking his own sweet time to do what he was hired to do. in his own mind, leonardo was an engineer first, and an artist second, so whenever he could find an engineering project to work on, everything else was delayed. king goes into some detail concerning the mechanics of leonardo's approach to art, but not enough to bore you. one of the most interesting chapters to me was devoted to the italian hand. it is generally known that italians "talk with their hands," and king describes the various signals that jesus and the apostles make with their hands in the painting. i hioghly recommend this book to all art lovers, and students of renaissance italy.

Lorraine m |

Leonardo's masterpiece is well documented now!

Great and detailed behind the scene of leonardo's painting of "the last supper". ross king is a splendid writer, i love this historical and artistic insights.