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Les Misérables (Complete in five volumes)

Stephanie (bookfever) |

Amazing story!

Les misérables is one of my favorites stories of all time. i've seen the musical (the 25th anniversary) so many times i lost count. sadly enough i've never seen it in real life so i hope one day i will. i'm also really excited to go see the movie musical in theaters soon. now, i've wanted to read this so badly but i never got the chance to purchase or find at the library until last christmas when my friend em got it for me. best christmas ever! i almost immediately started les mis and loved it so much! i had a hard time not the cry on the end there. that's how much it means to me. it's a beautiful story that everyone should at least read once in their life! go on! go read it, now! :d

A. barsky |

Deep and fascinating

All the commentaries on "les miserables" that i have read point out that the main theme of it is that man can change. that, indeed, is something i get from this book, but the more important idea i see is that man has to be able to change in order to live. it is absolutely essential. the two main characters, jean valjean and javert, are really not so different from each other in most respects. both have flaws that deserve disapproval and virtues worthy of respect. the one difference between them, the one that makes them total opposites of each other, is that valjean is capable of change while javert is not. valjean was horribly punished for a minor offense; he leaves jail bitter and hateful towards humanity. an act of kindness shows him that he is wrong in that respect; that the world, harsh and unjust as it can be, should not be hated outright. when presented with proof of his error in the face of the bishop of digne who trusts him and gives him a blessing to start a new life, valjean changes from a bitter and ruined man into a success story; everything he touches turns to gold. ultimately, by the time he dies, he has achieved everything anyone could hope to achieve. javert, on the other hand, cannot do that. he firmly believes that "once a thief, always a thief". he does not believe in reform. he remembers valjean as a criminal; having encountered him years later, as the mayor of a town which he singlehandedly revived as a successful center of industry, javert only sees the convict he guarded ten years ago. he is blind to all else, as are all fanatics. when valjean has the chance to kill javert with complete impunity, something that would be reasonable from the security standpoint and understandable as revenge for years of torment, he lets him go; this is the final, incontestible proof that even someone like javert cannot ignore. this demolishes a system of beliefs that guided him his whole life, much like the bishop's act of mercy demolished the hate valjean nursed for 19 years. but while valjean was able to change his views and profit by it, javert cannot. valjean's kindness toward his tormentor presents the latter with something he did not believe existed - a kind convict. unable to incorporate this new entity into his world-view, javert takes the only course of action open to him - he commits suicide. this seems to me to be an act of cowardice of the worst sort - die rather then admit error. this lack of flexibility did not allow him the option of putting this new knowledge to use and, therefore, caused his destruction. that, in my opinion, is the main theme of "les miserables".

The well traveled day |

Perfect for a road trip with the family

I decided to check out this edition of famed drama les miserables for a road trip from houston to new orleans. at the time, i knew little about the story and thought it would be good just to kill some time. focus on the family radio theater uses a full cast, cinema sound and an original music score for this delightful rendition. true to huge victor's original masterpiece, this splendid production follows the tale of jean valjean as he encounters savage injustice from the law and the gentleness and grace of god. my family (even my husband) absolutely loved the story of jean valjean and the account of redemption, courage and integrity throughout. not only is the story a perfect portrayal of godly character for your family, but the audio drama is top notch. from the music score to the characters, the quality is outstanding. i highly recommend this story for families - and children 8 and up. the set comes with three cd's and is 169 minutes long. don't miss out on this set for you and your family. you won't be disappointed. (i received this audio drama free from tyndale blog network as part of their blogging program. i was not required to write a positive review. the opinions i have expressed are my own. i am disclosing this in accordance with the federal trade commision's 16 cfr, part 255: "guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.")