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Let Me Fly Free (Fated Stars)

Ksluss |

A complex and refreshing main character

I wasn't familiar with this world, so i wasn't at all sure what to expect of elaia and her friends. the beginning started a tad fuzzy for me because the setting and characters are wholly original, and i had to trust the author to fill in the details for me as i read. i appreciate that she didn't just dump it all out in the beginning, but instead immersed the reader and lead us through the story with compelling tidbits. elaia is not an easy character to like. she's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. she's angry, obstinate, and selfish. but she's brave, daring, exciting, and fierce. she seems like someone who thinks she knows who she is, but i suspect she's going to do a lot of growing, evolving, and changing over time. on the one hand she seems very young and naive, but then she seems like an ancient elemental goddess. she's a very complex character, and something you often see authors do with male characters, but not so much with women, so i found her to be refreshing, even when i was telling her to stop being so mean. i'm looking forward to seeing who she becomes.

Gloria |

Beautifully written, very enjoyable to read

It is a beautifully written novella!!! the beginning is so beautifully written that i read over and over again! the beautiful language was used to describe beautiful scenery, things and characters! so enjoyable to read! the teenage girl really behaves like a teenager. the story is well told. a beautiful land was invaded and the invader is unknown.... don't want to spoil the plot so that you can enjoy. i strongly recommend the people who love beautiful english language and beautifully written books to read it.

Elizabeth maria naranjo |

A fiery heroine in an absorbing fantasy--loved it!

I loved this novella about a headstrong fire nymph named elaia who longs to use her magic and to explore the world beyond the borders of her forest homeland, kristakai. elaia is an intriguing main character; she is not your typical “likeable” female, which i love. she toys with the feelings of her lover, kiri, taking advantage of the fact that kiri is desperately in love with her to sate her own pleasures, while secretly deriding kiri’s gentle, sweet, and trusting nature. elaia defies her elders with the maddening assurance that she knows better about the ways of their world. yet perhaps she does; when an infernal creature threatens elaia’s people, slaughtering innocent creatures and terrorizing the forest, will the fire nymph’s bravery and hot-headedness prove more useful than cooler heads? i’m not saying, but i will tell you the journey is well worth taking! count me in for the rest of the series.