Brand : Levi's

Levi's Men's 517 Boot Cut Jean, Medium Stonewash, 32x34

Evildead11 |

Nice looking, comfortable, right price

I've found that levi's jeans usually run small but are always comfortable. the same is true here. i bought a size larger than i normally wear and they fit perfectly. also, the 517 jean are some of the most comfortable jeans i've ever worn, while looking very nice. best of all, the price is right. i own four pairs of the 517 jeans and plan to buy more!

Justin r. kansteiner |

Only jeans i wear

When i find something i like i tend to stick with it. for nearly 25 years my only jeans of choice has been levi’s 517s. i wear no other jeans and because i wear boots almost exclusively the boot cut works best for me. i seriously don’t know what i’d do if levi’s stopped making these. my only complaint is, for some reason or another over the years i seem to have to buy larger waist sizes, but my wife says that’s not levi’s fault. maybe it’s her fault! then again, on second thought, i don’t think i’ll tell her that.🙂

Maurice l. taylor |

Yea for the 517

I've been wearing the wonderful 517 levi's for many years. the fit is perfect. the look is perfect. sadly, it has become harder and harder to find them in stores. i was delighted to find them on amazon.