Brand : Nicoletta Braschi, Giorgio Cantarini Roberto Benigni

Life Is Beautiful (English Version)

Theresa slater |

This movie is beautiful

This is definitely in my top ten movies of all time. it was beautiful, inspiring, heart-warming, poignant, heart-breaking, laugh-out-loud, and gut-wrenching. every character in the small cast was great, but roberto benigni was absolutely amazing. i watched in on thanksgiving and urge you to watch it on a similar occasion; it is an incredibly inspiring film that stayed with me long after it ended.

Valida |


"life is beautiful" is the most wonderful and enchanting film i have ever seen. it portrays the holocaust in such an unusual and emotional way while also leaving the viewer with hope in life and the future. roberto benigni is the perfect actor for this movie and his presence contributes immensely to the movie's genuineness. it is a true magnum opus and certainly long awaited after all the "artificial" hollywood movies have been thrown at us in the past. finally something heartfelt and refined.

Ramona |

Heartfelt movie.

Beautiful movie, one of my absolute favorites. i always laugh and cry during this movie. will be one of your favorites too.