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Life Is Beautiful [VHS]

Jenea k. halle |

One of the best films i've seen in years!

This movie is beyond magnificent! heart warming & touching! will make you laugh and bring you to tears at the same time. a historical account of the holocaust at the view point of a family man trying to keep his family together and finding humor in one of the most horrific events in history. worth every penny!

Derek j wilcox |

This is a wonderful film!

Despite the sad note of the end of the film, it is truly uplifting and inspiring! certainly well worth watching.

Joanne |

You need to watch this

One of the best movies i have seen. an italian love story between a catholic woman and a jewish man who are transported to a concentration camp during wwii. the story focuses is on what the guido does to save his son joshua from the gas chamber and how he communicates with his wife dora during the interment. the story is told from the viewpoints of the father and the son.