Brand : Aolket

Lightning Cable, Aolket iPhone Charger 4Pack Lightning Cables (1ft, 3ft, 2x6ft) Fast Charging and Durable Charger Cord Compatible with iPhone X /8/8+/7/7+ /6s/6s+ /6/6+ /5s/5c/5/SE, iPad/iPod and More

Andi skolout |


I have had issues with cables not charging my phone. i tried all four of these cables and they all charged. the different lengths were a priority as i wanted a short one for our motorcycle to be able to charge without a cord dangling and then the three foot for car use and the 6 foot to work in my office.

Soyi l. |

Pretty good.

**update** 12/04/17 aolket reached out to me immediately and offered to replace the cable. i am very impressed by their customer service and just very happy that i will be getting a replacement of this awesome lightning cable! :) -------------- i love this charger and i love the length. my first one lasted a few months and then the metal cord covering kind of started ripping off and exposing the cord inside, but the charger still worked fine. and then it eventually stopped working yesterday, so i went to use my second one. but when i took the second one out, the plug was bent and just doesn't work. :\ aolket says there's an 18m warranty on this, so i'm writing this review in hopes of maybe getting my defective second one replaced. thankfully the third one does work fine, otherwise i'd be in charger-less crisis right now.

Just4mary |

Great product.

These cords are great. they charge super fast & all the lengths makes it great to have one in each of my travel bags, purse, work, car...etc.