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Lilya 4-Ever [Region 2]

Svetlana gryazeva |

I've never written a review. had to do on this one.

I had to say smth here. not about the movie itself because it's a whole different and long to discuss issue. i just want to emphasize the fact that people do speak about it. things shown in there are tragic in a way that might be hard to believe but it is what it is. it is good to know that there are those watching it and commenting on this movie, especially since it is so different from what we see on screens now... respect, guys, you got me write my first review :)

Stan b. chapman |

Great insight to one facet of modern slavery

A movie you may find uncomfortable to watch, but i think you will be so glad you did. a glimpse of a seemingly hopeless side of life, lilya 4-ever showed me hope, even when nothing is going to work out like we wish. not everyone will see it, but it is there in this story, and i hope you will find it. the main character is a beautiful young girl--just like many who share this experience--and you may be tempted to think she should make the best of her situation, but always remember, her freedom can only happen as it did and does for most girls like her. a most unique film!

Mort guffman |

Beautiful and haunting

This movie changed my life. i can't emphasize enough how much i think everyone should see it, especially those interested in social justice issues. this movie heartbrakingly portrays sex traffiking in unflinching detail where we see a young girl and her friend living in utter poverty and the things that happen as aresult. the pacing begins slowly but stay with it. at the middle point, i couldn't pull myself away. the movie brought me to tears and truly affected me. i do have one question though - some review sites show this movie to be region 2 while amazon says region free. does anyone know if this particular dvd will play on my region 1 player?