Brand : Liquitex

Liquitex Professional Acrylic INK! 1-oz Jar, Phthalocyanine Green Blue Shade

Chel micheline |

Highly pigmented and beautiful

I ordered these in conjunction with liquitex soft body (fluid) acrylics for a painting class i am taking. we are doing a lot of "loose" flow-y kind of painting, with drizzling paints on the canvas for different effects and a few people mentioned these as an alternative for watering down the thicker acrylics, so i thought i would give them a try. i have to say, i love them. they are more fluid than the soft body/fluid acrylics, but they are highly pigmented and more translucent. they come out of the bottle darker than traditional acrylics, but if you mist them with water, or use your brush to sort of "feather" them out, the color explodes. the inks are so vivid and richly pigmented. and they blend beautifully with traditional acrylics, water, and/or glazing mediums. i got several colors and now i want them all. i am already gravitating towards these over traditional acrylics, and i love that extra bit of translucency that they offer. if you are interested in exploring a more fluid painting medium that isn't quite a watercolor (they are like a super-runny gel, almost), give these a try.

Sophia |

Love the ink! inspiring!

Fun to use for drawing and mixed media paintings with this ink and watercolors and basically any media. it's a very nice, strong black.

Lshrader87 |

Best opaque white ink!

When you need a truly opaque white, this is the one. great coverage, good flow. we've used this product for years and will for many more to come!