Brand : Listerine

Listerine Zero Cool Mint Mouthwash For Fresh Breath And To Kill Bad Breath Germs, 500 ml

Rmib211 |

Good mouth wash

It is just as advertised and does what it's supposed to do, that is give you a refreshed breath. a very good product.

Brittany, an amazon customer |

Cool and fresh

I just bought this from a local store (smaller bottle). i just tried it and love it! it does not burn at all. it leaves my mouth (including the inside of my cheeks) cool-feeling (temperature-wise) and fresh. i would prefer a stronger mint taste but it's nearly perfect as it is! it certainly smells like typical mint listerine. all in all i'm confident that it's killing germs and freshening my breath. i highly recommend you at least give this a try.

Drew0770 |

We give a 1 to listerine zero but we place it to the left of the zero = 10 !!

My kids have used mouth wash since they were six. we all have hated the alcohol that some of them have. when we found this one that didn't have alcohol but yet was strong enough as if it did, why not try it. once we tried it, we all loved it. one think that i personally do not like; however my kids think is fun, are the bubbles it makes when you gurgle. other than that, it is awesome. the minty flavor will last in your mouth for a long time.