Brand : Brandon Stanton

Little Humans by Brandon Stanton (2014-10-07)

Karen v reider |

Great visuals & great read

Bravo to author brandon stanton for capturing the heart and soul of so many unique individuals. born and raised in new york and having left there over 40 years ago, it was wonderful to revisit the city and the people who make it the spectacular and unusual city that it is. i look through the pages often, sometimes thinking i'll just look through a few pages, and the next thing i know an hour has gone by. whether you are a new yorker or not, this book has a lot to offer as you peek into the world of humans of all kinds. often when i look into the eyes of brandon's subjects, i feel as if i have met them on a personal level. he is an excellent photographer and has gifted humanity with this fantastic book. i highly recommend it as a gift to yourself or a loved one.

Barbragenie |


This book is meant for kids -- but is charming for adult readers. can't say enough good things about brandon stanton and his humans of new york projects. he is able to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary events. somehow it helps us connect to our humanity and the things we share in common with everyone. i love the little humans featured in this book.

Suzalah |

New york - the world

You may open to any page and find something to tell you a bit about the people of ny, thus anywhere. mr. stanton has caught a moment of living, sharing with his wonderful photos of marvelous people and his observations, or not, of those being photographed. this is another book of which i should own stock; even if it is just mee buying for others!