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Little Women by Louisa May Alcott - illustrated: - illustrated - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Sailing maine |

Absolutely a must read!

You know the story. if you don't, many of these other reviewers have done the job for me. for me, this is my most favorite book in all of american literature. growing up, i had a friend who was just like beth and everytime i re-read this book, i remember my childhood adventures with beth. the fictional beth in "little women" was as much of a friend as my other friend, too. i cannot recommend this book enough. if you haven't read it -- you must read it.

Amanda k. |

Wisehouse classics are the best

Obviously many people still want to keep the classics in their library, and most of the books have been transferred to ebooks. the problem with these are that a lot of stuff doesn't get in like a cover or description. with these wisehouse classics you get it all, including original drawings that were in the original books giving the book personality. if i want to read something i always go for the description to decide. there are so many books from the greatest authors that get passed over daily. i hope they do even more because i would get them all.

Senoj |

Abridged for modern reading

Bought the book used through amazon where it was rated in "acceptable" condition. i was surprised and pleased to receive the book in what i consider good condition. the illustrations are beautiful. i do not recall reading that this was "abridged for modern reading" but it states it on the title page.