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Lo Hobbit - Un Viaggio Inaspettato (2 Dvd)

Crazyokie |

Part i - everything i wanted and more

Some background on me: it's been nearly 40 years since the first time i read the hobbit. the hobbit and the lord of the rings are my two favorite novels of all time. i own paperback versions that are so old the covers are torn. i own newer versions and i bought the kindle versions. okay, i'm a little crazy about these books. i went to see an unexpected journey with mild trepidation. i had read some of the professional reviews. my brother saw it before i did and said "it dragged." but it was peter jackson, the man who brought lotr to life so well. and i'd bought the tickets for my 17-year daughter and i to see the imax 3d version. so we went. and we loved it. can i ask a silly question? what's wrong with a story taking its time to tell it's tale? one can hardly claim that "an unexpected journey" doesn't have action, it certainly does and plenty of it. orcs and goblins fighting with dwarves, not to mention trolls and giants. but the story isn't afraid to breathe, to draw things out a little, to let us gaze in wonder while we contemplate the wonders that peter jackson & crew have bestowed upon us. my favorite moment: gliding on the wings of eagles through the misty mountains. i'd pictured that moment when i first read the book, almost 4 decades ago. and jackson captured it perfectly. have we been so inundated with movies like "transformers" with so much action and so little plot that we all have adhd when it comes to watching a movie? (and for the record, i didn't care for the transformers). it's a fair point that "an unexpected journey" is not completely faithful to the source material. there's a lot of added material and most of it jackson made up on his own. but he did that with lotr and i don't see people whining about it (now). and for the most part, the changes made work. if pressed i'd have to say that i wish the troll scene was more like the book. maybe it's not your cup of tea (or pipe-weed to smoke). but for this hobbit fan, i was enthralled. i can't wait for the desolation of smaug! and my daughter absolutely adores richard armitage. my only conundrum: buy the theatrical version now or wait for the extended edition? that's a tough one. no, wb, i'm not buying both. i'm leaning towards the theatrical version because although the deleted scenes might be interesting, this isn't the lotr where i'm hoping to see scenes cut from the movie that were in the book like galadriel's gifts to the fellowship. update - conundrum solved! thank you directv and pay per view! i recorded "an unexpected journey" off pay per view and burned to a dvd. and at $4.99 i can justify getting the 'extended edition' in the fall. hooray! now i'm off to blunt the knives and break the plates! :^)

Kath mahoney |

Read it more than once.

This is a wonderful book. before the release of the movie i picked it up a second, maybe even third time. i still had a hard time putting it down. great book, easy read. the movie is great can't wait for the next one.

James kramer |

Lots of questions answered

The plot answered a lot of questions i had about the lord of the rings trilogy and i'm sure there's more to come!