Brand : Lola Bean International

Lola Bean International 22-Inch by 22-Inch Quilted Pet Training Pads, Unscented, 50 Count

Eugene hong |

Good for human babies too!

We use this for changing our newborn's diapers because its one of the few unscented / untreated pads on the market and we don't want any chemicals to irritate our kid's skin. its pretty absorbent too - it'll lock the pee from a three month old without it leaking elsewhere.

Jen |

I'll never use an different pad again.

I've tried a few different brands and these are by far the best. they absorb the urine perfect and don't leak to the bottom (at least not right away). of course if you leave it there for a long time and there's lots of urine any mess can happen. however other brands i've used i've ended up having to clean up urine underneath even from one visit and less than 5 minutes have past. so what's the point in having a pad then, right!? i even notice if they do potty towards the edge it still manages not the leak out. i'm only buying these until my little one finally understands that outside is the best place to potty. :-)

Tms |

Works for cats!

I'm using them with a cat who has taken to expressing her existential angst by peeing outside the litterbox. i've not used other brands before, but these have worked perfectly as floor coverings for her favored spots. pads appear to be unscented and one stands up to a solid 24 hours' worth of abuse.