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Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 By Marcus Luttrell

Gunnyzgirl |

A must-read for every american, from the president on down

The inside perspective of this outstanding young warrior is incredibly revealing about what challenges lie before us in the war against terrorists in northeastern afghanistan. i truly believe it should be mandatory reading for our executive and legislative electees and for any american who seeks true enlightenment about this war. the only thing that would be greater for this patriot than reading this book would be shaking the hand of marcus luttrell or any family member of those lost in the field beside him. awesome reading!

Ruby's mom |

Great book!!

Bought this for my husband. he read the book before we saw the movie and loved them both. my father in law and my son have all read it too. now it is my turn. amazing true story for any history buff. awesome example of why we should all be greatful for our military and the freedom they provide us. god bless marcus luttrell and the company he worked with. many were lost.

Amazon customer |

I loved this book.

I usually do not read this kind of book, but i saw an interview with this young man and he came across as so honorable, i just had to know his story. i appreciated this man's courageous experience and i respect his opinions. if you are having a difficult time being proud of your country and fellow man, read this book. thank you marcus and all of our armed forces.