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Lord of Flies *FF Child Class*

Timothy a. platt |

A classic ....

Its a story of some children standed on a island after their oceanliner sinks. the children are well disciplined upon their arrival on this island. but, that all changes. its a tale of human nature and how we will revert back to some of the natural instincts that we as humans try hard to ignore. a grim look at our darker side. a excellant read, and a classic book.

Becky |


Waited til i was 57 years old to read this....this book was referenced in a stephen king book so i stopped to read this first. i now know what the hype is about. classic.

Mike |

Great book

First of all, let's get some things clear. there is a "deeper" meaning to the lord of the flies. in fact, there are dozens. second of all, golding was an english schoolmaster who understood how children behaved. the idea that he was not qualified to write about children's behavior is ludicrous. one reviewer is partially correct when he states that children rarely attack each other. they rarely attack each other in the presence of authority. finally, society could have developed with human nature the way that golding presents it because human brains were developed to allow us to interact socially with other humans. society would have then been made up of fifty to a hundred people, and authority would have been present, too. having said all that, the only reason why you could not like this book is if you absolutely did not understand it. the lord of the flies might not have changed my life, but it really was a great book. its symbolism is poignant, clear, and powerful. the message the book gets across is wonderful. this dark, somewhat disturbing book is absolutely worth reading, and a copy belongs on the shelf of every serious reader. each time i have read it i have come up with new meanings that i missed the previous time and it never gets old. if you know how to read it, it is definitely not boring. be prepared for a wonderfully written, powerful book about the darker side of human nature.