Brand : World of Fire.

Lot of (five) 5/16" diameter x 3 1/8" long ferrocerium/ ferro rods/ mischmetal/ fire steel/blank ferrocerium rods.

Cbigs2s |

Excellent product for great price!

These rods are an excellent value for anyone looking to make their own fero rod handles that also doesn't want to cut them from larger stock. they spark easily with light pressure and send out a nice hot shower that i under takes very well when struck normally. i will guess they are of the higher iron content fero rod type as they are harder than a couple of the larger six inch rods i have from dave canterbury's sight which are a higher magnesium. it wasn't listed in the description of the items but this is from my personal experience and i don't prefer one way or the other as each have their uses. shipping was really fast and they were packed well. would/will buy more from the seller again in future.

Dave rentz |

Nice and sparky!

Good quality! if your knife sheath has a loop for a fire steel and the size isn't specifically noted, odds are this is the size that will fit it.