Brand : Sara Teasdale

Love songs,

Chad helms |

Worthy of rehabilitation

This slim volume of lyric poetry by sara teasdale is well worth a read by any student of american poetry. this is a woman who seems to have been completely forgotten by academia in the past fifty years; she never or rarely appears in high school or college textbooks of american literature. yet, in her heyday back in the 1910s and 1920s she was often considered a serious rival (and often compared favorably ) to such poets as a.e. housman and edna st. vincent millay- which is no small claim to fame. although i agree with the consensus that her work does not reach the level of a millay and that perhaps her poetic sensibility is perhaps not quite as acute, there are poems in this volume that convey a lyric quality that- in my opinion- still deserves to be read and studied today. perhaps she was overly estimated in her own day but the neglect and obloquy with which she is treated today seems overly harsh. she deserves rehabilitation, it seems to me. read a few of her poems and compare them with other lyric poets of the 20th century and you be the judge.

A. huestis |

Love for sarah teasdale

Sarah teasdale has always been one of my favorite poets. this was the first book i bought containing her work, and i'm happy with it. her poems are simple yet lovely. if you like poetry but dickens types are a bit heavy for you, teasdale is your girl.

Beth m. honeycutt |

A poignant and emotional collection of poems

A beautiful and heartrendingly poignant collection of poetry. i highlighted so many poems as favorites and bookmarked so many to go back and re-read that the highlights and marks cover the pages. just a brilliant collection of poetry. i'll definitely be looking for more of ms. teasdale's poetry to read. highly recommended.