Brand : Danielle Steel

Loving (French Language Version)

L.p |

A great classic with inspiration

This book was originally given to me by my mother 11 years ago i loved the story line then, with all the hard times that she goes through . after moving out of state i found it unpacking some of the boxes and fell in love with it all over again it gives you hope to never stop trying. a good read.

Theresa w |

A classic

This is one of danielle steel's classic novels. yes it's sappy, it's amazingly romantic, but it also has a great story. the woman in this book went through so much, yet she overcame it all. it's fun to read a book like this, because it inspires you to live your life as best you can. if you pick up this book, i don't think you'll regret it.

Hugh c. burden |

One of the best.

Loving is one of the best. couldn't put it down. my grading was a nine. hope to have more like it. mrs. burden