Brand : Zane Grey

Lure of the River (Desperado Books)

Charles wheeler |

The rubber hunter

Content only: lure of the river is the same book as the rubber hunter just under another title. so don't get confused about these two books. it was published in popular magazine on june 15, 1911 under the rubber hunter title. it can also be found in a short story collection entitled tappan's burro, available in many forms over the years. it is a fascinating tale about the lure and seduction of the rubber industry and the motley assortment of people one would meet in that atmosphere--sort of like the gold rush days or the oil boom days. the main character is accused of being a slave runner and must extricate himself from that charge with the local police. i recommend this story highly as it is not the typical zane grey work, yet contains his style which later showed up so well in his other work based on his own adventures in southern mexico, and his fishing expeditions.