Brand : LMB

Lush Moda Extra Soft Leggings with Designs- Variety of Prints - 89C

Arwa |

Super comfortable

I ordered this pair of capri leggings based on reviews that it extremely soft and comfortable so i decided to give it a try. the available patterns are beautiful and it took me a lot of time to decide which one to order. i was a little. i was a little skeptical about one size fits all but they fit well. i wear a women's size 6 and they fit well. the leggings are exceptionally softened the fabric has a great stretch and beautiful print. i ordered a darker color and the fabric is not see through. the waist fits well and i highly recommend these as they are super comfy. highly recommend these. p.s i have no relationship with this seller, i’m not compensated in any way, and i have no obligation to give any product a favorable (or negative) review. i put a lot of research, time and effort into my reviews, and i sincerely do my best to write reviews that are unbiased and that represent my honest opinion. i give products the rating i feel they deserve based on my experience with the product and compared to other similar products. i wouldn’t want to be misled and i certainly would never treat anyone that way, either. thanks for reading and i hope my review has helped you in some way. :)

Sara r |

Lush leggings, indeed!

Holy comfy capris, batman! but, seriously...absolutely, ridiculously soft, buttery smooth capri leggings. super comfy, too - i think they're absolutely perfect...for me. i do not, however, think that they are "one size fits all" - not even a little (although i do also kind of think that that should be at least a bit obvious just based on what they are and the given pictures). they're probably what i'd consider alllllllllmost perfectly sized for me - maybe a bit tighter than i'd personally prefer (i actually think they're what others my size - typically a us pant 6 or 8 - and they fit super well, i just prefer things looser...just a preference), but holy cow are they like a luscious second skin. if you wear a medium(ish) pant, i'd highly recommend these delightfully comfy leggings. they're a great price, really soft, and adorable!

Charity |

Love these!

I love these. they are super soft and comfortable. i wish they have a wider waist band for comfort but other than that. they are perfect. i love the length and the design is super fun!