Brand : Copperside Athletics

Luxury Copper Magnetic Bracelet For Men & Women-Magnetic Therapy, Jewelry For Joint Pain, Health-Perfect Gift For Your Anniversary-Magnet Field Wristband Bangle

Amazing customer |

I can play mandolin again!

I am told arthritis doesn't affect men as often. guess i am lucky. tried lots of solutions, mostly glucosamine, devils claw supplements etc.. and never had much luck. tried the magnetic therapy bracelet - and it may be in my head - but it worked for me. i am not a crystal / hippy kind of guy but i cant argue with that i am now able to jam again. feels much better! the product is classy, doesn't look to girly and is non-obtrusive. i would absolutely recommend it!

Amazon customer |

Great quality and very effective

I have to say that first of all it's 1. very stylish and 2. works perfectly fine. people complement on me because of this bracelet and it's very comfortable to use. i bought an extra pair of this for my friends and they love it. highly recommend getting it.

Msm |

What a wonderful product

I bought this for my brother as he has rheumatoid arthritis at the very early age of 33. it is so bad he can not work and has been registered disabled. i bought this for him to see if it helps in any way, he goes through so much pain everyday. to my relief it has helped him out. the pain is not there anymore and he has come off his pain killers. the signs are very encouraging. it took effect after a few hours. i am not saying he is going to go back to work anytime soon, however it has given in so much relief and hope.