Brand : M&M's

M&M'S Dark Chocolate Candy Sharing Size 10.1-Ounce Bag (Pack of 8)

A.trendl |

Like girl scout thin mints cookies

I think my title says it all. they taste like girl scout thin mints cookies. normally, i don't like dark chocolate, but i couldn't taste that. impressive crunchy coating. these are bigger than normal m&ms, but are something like peanut m&ms. excellent as party snacks though they are sweet. matches nicely with coffee. anthony trendl

Sina |

This is how you do it, chocolate style

This was a good purchase. it came in a box surrounded by ice packs, that was nice because i was worried that it would be melted.

Ksumom |

My favorite m&m of all time

Small little bites of chocolate mint - what could be better than that? my only suggestion is that they sell them in mini-packs of five because i cannot stop once i get started.