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Mrs h |

This is a great and fun movie to sing along with

What can i say... this is a great and fun movie to sing along with! it's just what was needed one weekend when my sister and i were at the beach no cable but had wifi & the roku box... now it's in my "cloud" so i can watch whenever/whereever! :)

Lotte |

So fun!

This movie is so uplifting and a ton of fun. i can watch it over and over again. it is fun to watch with a group of people and do the sing along version of the movie.

Laurel-rain snow |

Fabulous song fest!

is an uplifting celebration of life, love and friendship -- plus the complications of such. meryl streep is phenomenal in her role as the single mother who runs a hotel on a greek island. this movie is worth seeing just for the beautiful scenes of the islands...but the performances of streep, amanda seyfried, julie walters and christine baranski turns this into a fabulous song fest. pierce brosnan and colin firth are hilarious as contenders for "father", along with stellan skarsgard. while the story may seem trite -- love wins out, etc. -- the gorgeous abba tunes sweep across the beautiful settings, creating a crescendo of glory as the characters bask in the beauty of life and nature. what more could one want? laurel-rain snow author of: , etc.