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Marjorie morningstar

Marjorie morningstar is my all-time favorite book! i can't immagine another book being written quite like marjorie morningstar. it's a classic novel that will never be replaced. marjorie morengstern is a beautiful young girl filled of the dreams and desires of being an actress. along the bumpy road that marjorie takes to try to start her career, she meets noel airman at a famous acting camp. noel is a play/song writer who seems to be perfect in every way. he's blonde, lean, intelligent, and works wonders at anything he puts his mind to. to marjorie he's apollo. marjorie and noel begin to have an affair and marjorie discovers just how irresponsible noel can be. he doesn't want to grow up but of course love blinds beautiful marjorie. tragic events throughout the book will bring tears to your eyes. in the end, the book takes a surprising turn and by the time you flip the last page you will be crying even more. i was quite upset about how the book ends but if you think about it there was no other way. the book ends in reality not a fairy tale.

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Marjorie morningstar

Marjorie morningstar...the title of herman wouk's book makes me smile, and as i remember the vivid characters that live inside this book, i smile again. this is a bittersweet tale of youth, love, the stage, and new york at the beginning of world war ii. it sounds like a simple story, an upper-middle class jewish girl in new york, her struggles to become a stage actress and to separate from her oppressive parents who are deeply settled in the protocols of their faith. yet, as marjorie's life unfolds on the pages of this book, we fall in love with not only marjorie, but the wonderful cast of characters who make up her life. marjorie morningstar should be listed as one of the greatest books of the past century and i urge anyone who is interested in great writing by a master craftsman to read this much-cherished novel.

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Classic book for people of all ages ...

I read marjorie morningstar in 6th grade. it is 762 pages long -i was a good reader then, but still ... it kept me captivated! i reread it again, about 12 years later, and i spent the entire weekend in my pajamas reading it ... the best part about this book is that la morningstar will become a friend to you. she is sweet, naive, annoying, frustrating, funny and a little bit like all of us - always searching and striving for that star within herself. i got so mad and annoyed with her for whining over her man, i felt like i was screaming at my best friend for complaining about an emotionally unavailable boyfriend. well written, funny, touching, enjoyable ... it is wholly satisfying and complete. the book just sucks you into marjorie's world. but be careful, when you come out, the world's a whole lot harsher without her light!