Brand : Viktor E. Frankl

Man's Search for Meaning, An Introduction to Logotherapy

Lifeone |

Man's search for meaning

I read this book some 20 years ago. but through age and experience, this time,it had more meaning and relevance. i purchased a cd copy of it right around christmas. my 23 year old daughter was diagnosed with a serious disease and we needed something that would encourage us to fight on. we read the holy bible of course, but i wanted something that was raw and biographical that would let us know that we could make it in spite of the odds. this book did just that. it is a must read for a number of reasons. read it before you need to read it and walk the road to enlighenment with dr.victor frankl.

Freeman cook |

This is a treasure

This book is a treasure and is a wonderful example of the forgiveness and intelligent analysis that the mind is capable of even in extreme circumstances. it is provides an insight into how meaning can be found often in the simple things in life. i would recommend that everyone read this at some time in their life.

Old_broad |

I am so glad i finally read it

For some reason, i put off reading this book for many years. i had read excerpts that made me want to read it, but getting the book and sitting down to read it just seemed to not fit into my plans. i am so glad i finally read it. for about twenty years, i read many stories about world war two. i wanted to know why no one helped the jews. the most gratifying part of the reading was to find that there were many people that endangered their own lives and the lives of their families in order to hide jews from the germans. so, to follow a jew into the concentration camps and read his observations was enlightening. some survived the camps while others died. they all ate the same food, suffered the same diseases, performed the same work, and suffered the freezing temperatures. why did some survive? that is what victor frankl wanted to know and with close observation, he saw the pattern that gave meaning to life and helped some survive while others gave up and died. his ideas are applicable to modern day problems as well as his methods.