Brand : Manic Panic

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream, Blue Angel, 4 Ounce

Petra |

Love manic panic

Incredible. love manic panic. this color when done on light hair in the orangey/yellow area will come out more of a teal color which i imagine will be a brighter teal on even lighter hair in my experience. i've seen other who have put it on right over their dark brown hair and it was a very dark green/teal.

Alexandra |

This amazing hair color u hair needs to be light it ...

This amazing hair color u hair needs to be light it u want it to be really purple and i would recommend leaving in longer than 30 mins if u want more intense color i leave this stuff sit in my hair over night before i wash it out cause it stays in longer that way i just wear a shower cap to bed also your hair needs to be a light blonde again for the purple to more bright but i love manic panic it the best viberant hair color out there

Sjoen koepke |

Great color, fades fast

Color is fantastic , but because of the nature of the color it fades quickly( keep in mind to make my color last longer i only wash my hair 2x a week., so when i say it fades quickly i mean it!) mine faded to more of a blue just to give you a heads up and this was on bleached hair.