Brand : Jane Austen

Mansfield Park - World Classics Series No.CCCXLV (Hardcover)

Bonnie l. guensch |


I enjoyed this book very much. just what i was looking for! i can always count on amazon and its vendors to supply me with the perfect product. not exactly the type of book i ususally read, but exactly what i was looking for. thank you!

C.b. |

Very modern indeed

Mccall smith does his usual tongue in cheek narrative reminiscent of his portuguese irregular verbs series in the retelling of this very well known jane austen classic. i enjoyed the entire story and laughed so many times. one of our local librarians said that alexander mccall smith never hurts, and she is so right.

Ivan chen |

Mystery book with no mystery

Emma. austen's mystery novel with no mystery. i enjoyed emma as austen discusses the dangers of tampering with other people's lives, the characteristics a perfect gentleman should have, and what ignorance a spoiled class snob with managerial power could have. emma is really a little different than austen's other works. it doesn't have as much impact in story or romance. the story is going to feel dry to many people. it's a mystery novel with no mystery. but it's a good read for austen fans and a great novel with many aspects to discuss.