Brand : Samuel Eliot Morison

Maritime History of Massachusetts 1783-1860 With Illustrations

Je |

And for those who would like a shorter

More than a regional history book, the maritime history of massachusetts 1783-1860 is a testament to the beauty of well-written historical prose. before mccullough, there was morison. and for those who would like a shorter, more episodic introduction to the master of nautical history than either his columbus or world war ii volumes could offer, this is your book. read it, and enjoy!

Hiker |

A delightful history with a different take on the war ...

A delightful history with a different take on the war of 1812. there are many gems waiting to be plucked from this engaging history.

Chou kung |

Best book ever

This is the only book (or anything) that i've five-starred. it is such a fun, engrossing, educated read. i read the kindle version but it was not structured well (misplaced footnotes, oddly contorted pictures), and so i bought the printed version. i would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who can recite the abcs. i'm prejudiced. reading the book predjudiced me totally in morison's favor. (although his book on perry is also a great (though 4 star) read.)