Brand : McCormick

McCormick Gourmet Collection, Ground Nutmeg, 1.81-Ounce Unit

Natalia |

I really liked thyme spices

I really liked thyme spices, they really made my stir fry stand out and everyone enjoyed the dinner. i am vegetarian, so its important that my vegetables taste delish and interesting. i received the spices complimentary from influenster for testing purposes.

Chrissy86mk |

Great thyme flavor

I was sent the mccormick gourmet thyme leave complimentary of influenster. i enjoyed this spice. it's proportions was good. not too little and not too much. i used it to make a greek yogurt ranch dressing and the thyme was a great add to the recipe. it wasn't too strong and not too weak. it's just right.

Joy chidester |

Thyme leaves

I received the thyme leaves complimentary from for testing and reviewing purposes. i love mccormick, and have used a lot of mccormick spices in the past. this is the first time that i have used a spice from the mccormick gourmet line; also, it's a first for thyme leaves, as opposed to ground thyme. i absolutely love it. i love the taste and smell way better than ground thyme, and it blends very well with the other seasonings that i regularly use (such as sea salt or garlic pepper).