Brand : Reliable-1 Laboratories

Meclizine 25 mg Generic Bonine Motion Sickness 100 Chew Tablets PACK of 2

Truth shall set you free |

Same prescription strength as antivert only no prescription with these.

I keep these on hand due to medical condition that makes me have frequent nausea. these are the presciption strength antivert only these are chewable and no prescription is needed. i have never used this brand before today but they work as good as the rugby brand i normally buy from amazon. these are great to carry in your purse if you get car sick, etc. these are a must have.

Liz flynn |

Good price and just as effective as the name brand ...

Good price and just as effective as the name brand otc version (non drowsy dramamine) and the prescription version. i will purchase these again but if the price stays reasonable.

C. anderson |

It works.

As an occasional vertigo sufferer, this drug is indispensable. it has no drowsy side effects, doesn't interact with many other meds that i can discover, and it lasts a good 24 hours. it doesn't solve all my vertigo issues, but it definitely helps me make it through the day when my symptoms flare up. it can be swallowed whole or chewed up and swallowed.