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Melody's World: 1963, A Time Of Change

Queenopearls |

Wonderful movie

And anyone who lived through those times knows how crazy (gentlest word i can use) it was. the usa still has a long way to go to get to true "liberty and justice for all". i hold out hope and love. this is a gentle movie to introduce children to learning to empathize, open their eyes and ... love.

Patti a palmer |

What a wonderful, heartwarming and eye opening movie

What a wonderful, heartwarming and eye opening movie. i watched it with my granddaughter, who is 3, and it also kept her interest. i am hoping that it was also a good history lesson for her to remember.

Ayana mayes |

Amazing and great portrayal

Amazing and great portrayal. perfect timing for the current election season which is bringing a lot of that hate to the surface. its imperative that we be able to overcome fear and hate with love.