Brand : C. S. Lewis

Mere Christianity

Christianconservative |

Excellent book

This book actually contains four short books which each in succession get better and more interesting, from great to better. i feel i learned a lot from this reading and really recommend it to anyone looking for a deeper understanding of religion as a whole. has many ideas which would be helpful explaining things to anyone looking for a reason to become involved in the religious world. glad i read it.

B. hogston |

Well worth the short amount of time to read.

For anyone wanting to understand the very basic ideas of christianity, this book will not disappoint you. lewis uses logic and reason as a way to relate the fundamentals of christianity so that a belief in things, seen only with faith, can bring a peace that can surpass all understanding.

Reader |

Withstood the test of time

This is a book that withstood the test of time. c. s. lewis is a true god send. i recommend all of his books anyone and everyone. - especially mere christianity. in fact, the only concern or warning that i would offer is the fact that it is an older title. for that reason it written in an older, more formal style. this may take a chapter or two to get familiar with. but once you do you will be richly rewarded for doing so.