Brand : Anne Rice


Andre mason |

Fantastic! a must read! let the crossover begin!!

I have to start off by saying how much i loved this book! i loved this book! merrick is a great addition to the chronicles! it brings the flair of the mayfair family and the vampire family of rice's claim to fame into one complete package. i was also pleased with her introduction of a character that is of mixed heritage. mostly all of her characters are caucasion/european, but merrick is a richly developed character using elements from both of her sagas. merrick begins telling the story of the "black" side of the mayfair family which we never knew existed from the witching hour books. give thanks to the incomprable julien mayfair (one of her best characters) for this. david talbot, our new vampire documentarian takes a breather from writing down stories of others to get into a little bit of his past. merrick and david go back a ways and merrick has not seen david since he became a vampire at lestat's hands. needless to say this sets up the stages for a wild ride into david's past and the darkly and passionate witch merrick. we see more sides of david in this book as well. from his feelings of being one of the most powerful vampires, being created by lestat and being able to hold his ground against the new coven of vampires, armand, marius, pandora,etc. also his romantic, and adventerous side as well. without giving too much away of the story, poor louis is being haunted and driven mad by the guilt of claudia's death and is aware that merrick is able to see/contact spirits. he wants to contact claudia to apologize for what he did to her so that he may be able to go on living. all the while lestat is still in his comatose after i dont know - 3 books later. in this book we are treated to a lara croft/indiana jones styled adventure with danger and action, which has been missing from her books lately, and we also get to see an even more coniving creature than lestat ever was in merrick. all the while, the talamasca is hot on the tail of merrick, being that afterall she is one of their agents and she has been delcared awol. they want her back at any cost, but is david willing to hand her over? or will he keep her with him for all eternity? all this makes for a great read and very entertaining. you won't be bored at all. even though there's no real mention of the "white uptown" mayfairs we've come to know in her other books,they don't make a cameo at all, but it's still can be considered a crossover. merrick leads us down new paths not yet taken before and opens up all new doors, with the awakening of lestat, the final rest of claudia, a new louis, and a really surprising ending that's just screaming *sequel*. you'll see what i mean. just when it gets down right dirty it ends. but didn't the book the vampire lestat end the same way? only time will tell if she does another book about merrick. more so this has to be one of her best works to date and hopefully anne rice will continue writing like this.

Kathy hutchison |

A world of luscious splendor

I'm in a complete state of awe. i have fallen deeply in love with david talbot. he would be the ideal vampire to fall in love with. not only is he beautiful, he's enticing, intriguing and very intelligent. his ability to maintain human passions and weaknesses is very attractive. the beauty that pours out of merrick is magnificent. anne rice's ability to not only lure you in to the world of vampires, and magic, but to also grant the ability to visit and experience a unique and powerful past of our old world. her world is a luscious splendor!

Ron carter |

Great book

Anne rice at her best. a nice transition from the vampire chronicles to the mayfair witches. i will miss lestat and louis though