C. l. m. |

Great book

What a great book! i picked it up because i had enjoyed the virgin suicides and i wasn't disappointed. when i first read the premise i was a little apprehensive. i didn't know how relate able a transgendered/transvestite narrator would be, but eugenides does a great job. the way that he develops all the characters is really spectacular. he starts out introducing the main character and narrator, and then delves into the lives of his grandparents. he paints a detailed portrait of their youth and lives in greece. you see these characters grow as they age and the focus of the story shifts onto their children. again, you see the children mature while the youngest generation in the story develops. it was a quick, easy, and enjoyable read! just as good if not better than the virgin suicides.

R. sales |

Wish it were longer!

What a great book! i have to agree with what courtney m. said about the first 100 pages or so being a little slow. if i hadn't read that comment before starting the book i may have given up. i'm so glad i didn't. only complaint was, i wish we could have gone on just a little longer to see how cal spends his time. the author did give you hints as to how things were going, but i wanted more. definately read this book. don't skip the slow parts in the beginning they make you understand the grandmother a little more. i think otherwise you would come out just hating her! this will probably be a book i re-read & i haven't done that with very many others.

Antzwa |

Put this on your list!

A great family drama. as you begin the novel, the narrator immediately informs you that he is a hermaphrodite. cal, formerly calliope, takes you back to war-torn smyrna in 1922 where we meet his grandparents and the recessive gene that travels across the atlantic to america and eventually results in his birth. fantastic images, interesting characters, and a flurry of themes that weave together a fabulous saga. a great read.