Brand : Penny Armstrong

Midwife's Story

Teneya merriam |

Wonderful read

A great story about culture and the simple way of living. heart warming and wrenching. penny's story will resonate with me through your my journey to become a midwife.

Lesa smith |

I loved the story!

I first learned about midwifery from call the midwife, and have since intended to read more books and real- life stories. this book is beautifully written, with lovely imagery; i felt as if i attended each scene and birth which she described! the author's change in perceptions toward the amish was well written, and i now wish that i had some amish neighbors to know and learn from.

Juli baldwin |


Persuasive without being hypocritical or judgmental. i wish i had read this before my first delivery. hopefully one day dignity and respect will be more commonplace in maternity wards.