Brand : James Frey

Million Little Pieces

Jay fal |

But a great read regardless

A very entertaining read, couldn't put it down. i was upset to learn it wasn't all true, but a great read regardless.

A. b. |

Excellent book! a++++++

I read this book right after oprah announced it last september. i (like so many) have alcoholism in my family. this book helped me try to understand what they were going through. i couldn't stop thinking about it. the book's message can be applied to most any area...there are allot of "addictions" in this world. james message of "hold on' truly rang through. please do not let the smoking gun article distract you from reading this book. please don't let that negate the message of this book. this book helped me, my husband, people i gave it to at work (and that's just in my small circle). pick up the book, read it with an open mind. it may ring the same message of "hope" that it did for me for you.

Connie s. pyle |

A million little pieces

I can honestly say this is the best book i've ever read in my whole life. i couldn't put it down. i'm retired and stayed up and read all night. unbelievable!!! i'm 68 years old, and i sent this book to everyone i knew!