Brand : Mojo Compression socks

MoJo Recovery & Performance Sports Compression Socks - Blue Medium

Savvy? |

Comfortable compression to help you through the day

These are great. they are the rare combo of tall enough and enough compression with a comfortable foot area. i have lots of compression socks and sleeves as an athlete with a vein problem in my legs. these give enough compression to help and not so much that they end up hurting. these are actually comfortable and give compression. i'm a 5'11 and 180lb guy with i think 15 inch calves if remeber correctly. i also teach and wear these while standing alot to make my day so much less tiring. people not wearing these are way behind. put you at an advantage.

James sadilek |

Bought two pair

This being my first experience with compression socks, i bought one pair to wear when riding my bicycle to see if i liked them. i ride about 100-150 miles a week.lately, my feet and ankles have been swelling, my physician suggested trying compression socks.the socks felt good and looked good--thick enough to provide a bit of cushion, but not at all bulky. no more swelling. i was so pleased with the socks, i bought a second pair. the jury is out on whether there is any enhancement of performance with compression socks, but there is evidence that they provide recovery benefits.

Lee husemann |

Great performance sports socks

I decided to buy some compression socks for running since i have seen other runners using them for a while. while shopping, i liked the looks of the mojo recovery and performance sports socks so i purchased them. they are just what i wanted. they provide firm compression without feeling like they were pinching. i was very happy after using them in a run. they are also good looking and come in different colors.