Brand : H. Melville

Moby Dick (Centaur Classics) [The 100 greatest novels of all time - #5]

Christian baumann |

Gutes buch aber merkwürdige ausgabe

Ein hervorragendes buch, jedoch habe ich das gefühl es handelt sich hier um eine verkürzte version - ferner wimmelt es von schreibfehlern. ansonsten aber sehr zu empfehlen!

Liz |

To my unexpected delight, on our trip we visited the ruins of ...

A classic novel, made special in this particular edition by the old photographs and paintings that illustrate the text. i bought this particular edition and reread the book before a trip to the high arctic. to my unexpected delight, on our trip we visited the ruins of smeerenburg (on amsterdam island in svalbard) with an archeologist who explained some of the workings of the old whaling station--and this book had a picture of the same old whaling town. i spent a delightful hour trying to map the old town out on the beach. (yes, i know, smeerenburg was not in the novel and that the pequod processed blubber on board rather than bringing the whale to shore), but the book contains images of several entities relevant to the whaling industry in general that just brings things to life. another marvelous picture is a photo of an actual ship that was sunk by a whale, the ship was large and was probably similar to the fictitious pequod. such photos make the fictitious story become real. this is a lovely edition of a classic novel. the images make it special and relevant to more than just the rereading of a classic, whose merits as literature stand on its own.

Tin phil |

Much more to it than ahab and moby

Very interesting insight into the life of whalers. the book has the longest sentences you are likely to read. the author is very talented to be able to write so poetically. unlike me.