Brand : Herman Melville

Moby Dick (Norton Critical Editions)

M. haney |

Sensational abridged version

This tape represents the absolute best work of george kennedy. he demonstrates an amazing range of expression for a challenging number of characters, catching each and every one's personality perfectly. the purchase was a wonderful gift to myself.

Jj |

This is not an adventure story

Moby dick is not an adventure story - it is an allegory of the human condition amidst the setting of the whaling profession. mankind's varied quest for greed, lust, longing, vengeance and fulfillment. moby dick is all of these human yearnings and more in one book. if you want an adventure story there are other books out there that will quench your thirst, but if you approach moby dick the same as most unwilling high school students do. you won't even get a 100 pages into it and will become disillusioned and discouraged because it wasn't quite the adventure story you were hoping for and the end result, you will never finish it! leave your expectations behind. moby dick is great literature! but it isn't the formulaic rhythm we find in today's bestsellers. in fact in 1851 it wasn't the normal piece of literature people expected it to be. cast aside these expectations, and take your time. this will not be a quick read. if it takes you a couple of months or a year, stay with it. in fact read other books while reading moby dick. like i mentioned before, it is not a quick read, it will be one you savor and slowly digest. think of a glass of fine cabernet. you sip that glass, you don't gulp it. just keep reminding yourself when you come to certain parts of the book that do not seem to have anything to do with the overall narrative thread of the story that moby dick is an allegory of the human condition of greed, lust, longing and vengeance. this piece of literature is an overall experience that will linger with you for years to come - if you allow it to do so.

Jefffe |

One for the desert island

This is one of those books that can be the only book you will ever need. the range of characters is quite wide and it has excellent descriptive matter. i only wish it had more of the saucy and less of the salty. otherwise i just love this book!