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Moby Dick: Or The Whale [Modern Library Giants, 64.1]


The greatest novel in the english language . . . period!

Moby-dick is, without question, the greatest novel written in the english language. middlemarch doesn't come close; none of the mature henry james novels come close; heck, not even ulysses comes close (frankly, i'd like to see some scholar examine the influence of moby-dick on ulysses--there has to be some). this book shouldn't be merely read, it must be consumed eziekiel-style. i have never read any book that has had such a powerful influence on me. whenever, i travel, i now carry a copy of shakespeare, milton, and moby-dick. if i were banished to an island and could take only one book with me, moby-dick would be my choice. no matter how many times i read it (and it has been several), i always find something new. it is endlessly fascinating.

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Worth it just for the illustrations

Getting young readers up to speed on the classics is difficult so this is an easy choice to encourage reading. i provided 5 different stories for my grandsons and asked that they be returned to me when finished as the illustrations are lovely and i want to enjoy them too. the comic book classics are a great vehicle to quickly promote conversations about literature and possibly plant a seed for young people to enjoy the classics when they are more mature.

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Great book and read

Great book and read. takes you back to a time when the whale was still a mystery and those that knew them best were those that hunted them. unlike today, the outcome was not certain and many sailors did not return.