Brand : Suzanne Collins

Mockingjay (Hunger Games) (Chinese Edition)

Marsha beckelheimer |

The best book ever

I love this book it is one of the world's most popular stories hi have ever read and i want everybody to know i'm twelve and love this book

Y. hathaway |

Love it

There have been thousands of reviews of the hunger games and the trilogy. i loved all three and i like the fact that each book has subtle reminders of the previous information given in the previous book. i do not think that the books could each stand alone, but it is nice that the books are fast paced and the character development is excellent. i felt like i knew and understood each character and his or her persona prevailed nicely. there was a little back story as well to fill the characters in and make them more familiar. the books are excellent, fast paced as well as thrilling! the books have some violence, and elude to such things, but not over the top and not offensive at all. there is more violence in after school cartoons than what is found in these books. some people gave long, dissertation like reviews on the books, and give away a lot of the story.... i think that it is not necessary, the books are just books, meant for entertainment value, nothing more or less. i think they are great! i do think that they are amazing and give kudos to ms collins, she deserves to be on cloud nine with the success of these books and now the movie! congrats!

Mrs.g |

Great book

My husband was very plased with this book .he already read the first one and liked # 2 and # 3.i liked the fast service and the my husband said the quality of the book was excellent.will shop with you again. thanks!!