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Mon Platin Gold Edition - Intensive Peeling Mask With Black Caviar&Golden Complax 100ml

Diana l. ramirez |

My skin feels fantastic after only a couple of uses!

This peeling mask deep cleans and removes dead skin while releasing vitamins a, e and dead sea minerals directly into your skin by the capsules that dissolve on application. this special formula purifies your skin and helps decrease the formation of wrinkles while adding moisture and preserving your skins elasticity. i've only used it a couple of times but i can feel a difference in my skin. it feels soft and supple after each use. to use, simply apply a thin layer to face and neck while avoiding the area arounds your eyes. leave on for a brief few minutes and then remove by gently rubbing with your fingers. rinse with luke warm water. i received this in exchange for my fair trial, evaluation and honest review. all opinions are expressly my own.