Brand : Susan Hanniford Crowley

Mrs. Bright's Tea Room (Tales of the Tea Room Book 1)

Da_cats_meow |

A victim of circumstance

This is a story included in the love like clockwork anthogy mrs. bright's tea room by susan hanniford crowley is written in an alternative victorian history. susan provides beautiful imagery in the story with such lavish detail it feels like you are in the story. the opening is intriguing and draws the reader in immediately. euthalia and travers story is one of romance and intrigue and very good. it started in a brothel and euthalia is a victim of circummstance working to pay off her father's debt so he can get out of debtor's prison. travers is working as a spy for the queeen. his plans go awry and if it wasn't for euthalia he would be dead. he in turn saves her from her future with mrs. bright as a working girl. overall the story was fascinating. i loved to see the world developed by susan hanniford crawford.

Sandra lee |

Wonderfully delightful

There is a depth of love at 1st sight for two unlikely individuals, this is a fast paced and dream come true for two hearts.