Brand : Ed Espenshade

My Race with Diabetes and the Oli

Tony |

I went out early this morning to put up a ...

I went out early this morning to put up a new flag, and do some yard work, while i was out there the postman stopped and dropped this off. amazon delivers on sunday now with a prime account. so i finished up and came in side, sat down with it with the intention of reading the first few pages. well 4 hrs later all i can say is well done ed espenshade (fyi am going to have a beer now.)

Amazon customer |

About to buy book. grew up near writer and also type one diabetic.. hope writer is ok

I grew up in burlington county. willingboro. i did not know the writer,but like him i was diagnosed with type i diabetes at a young age. type i diabetes has been a rough road. i cant imagine being diagnosed with another serious illness. it takes all i have to live with type one. recently after several years of constant 911 calls, i got an insulin pump. at aged 51 i feel like the world is opening up again. im going to purchase the book,but can someone tell me is he ok? my email is i hear such horrors about type one and have experienced them. i want to know ending before i read.

Cednj |

What a story!

Ed's amazing story is truly inspirational. as you read his story, is easy to understand why he excelled in running.