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Mysterieuses Cite D'Or Les Saison 2 Pt 2

L. devoe |

Choffy forever!!!

This is the breakfast wake up of champions. who cares about that nasty stuff coffee, i love my choffe! this is my go to morning wake up beverage. i don't feel quite the same without it. i love the rich chocolate taste, and that i control how sweet it is, and what to sweeten it with. i have mine with a little xylitol and some organic coconut sugar, and it's delicious!

Matthew green |

Crio bru is one of my favorite coffee substitutes there are

Crio bru is one of my favorite coffee substitutes there are. i brew crio just as i would coffee in a french press. by doing this you are able to extract lots of flavor and lots of theobromine. theobromine is like caffeine, but where it is different is that you don't get the crash like you do with caffeine. i find that this product is a great way to start the day and not end up feeling sluggish. if you are someone who is looking for a coffee substitute, this is the product for you.

Nells |

I love this

I am an admitted chocolate addict and when i saw you could make this and have a healthy drink, i was more than happy to try it out. it's the best of both worlds. healthy chocolate. goodness. did heaven answer my prayers? i love it. just remember to make it in small batches.