Mystic river

T. edmund |

Mystic brilliance

Even if you have seen the movie, or like me had the plot of this story spoiled by reviews or analysis, this book is amazing. as easy to read as a cheap thriller, as deep as a literary novel, and as unsettling as a horror. mystic river is probably going to stick with me for a while. probably the best thing about it is, despite having the twists and turns of good fiction, one really feels like they are listening in on the three main characters lives as they bounce from tragedy to tragedy. recommended.

Dlbrent |

No 3 in my all time best list - a quasi crime literary classic

I noticed another reviewer here mentioned an all-time best legal thrillers list. i'm not sure whether i've seen that list, but i thought i might do my own. however, i thought i'd include some classic crime thrillers, because thinking about my favourites many readers might in fact consider them to be more crime thrillers. so some of them are purely legal thrillers, some purely crime, and some crossover between the two. i'm sure having finished the list, i'll think of some i've missed out - so look out for either an expanded top-twenty list, or a lot of joint twos, threes and fours. 1. to kill a mocking bird - harper lee. 2. past imperfect - john matthews. 3. mystic river - dennis lehane. 4. presumed innocent - scott turow. 5. the client - john grisham. 6. tell no one - harlan coben. 7. silence of the lambs - thomas harris. 8. the emperor of ocean park - stephen l. carter. 9. no time for goodbye - linwood barclay. 10. the poet - michael conelly.

Robert c. olson |

Boston battleground

Boston battleground. a drink before the war was dennis lahane's debut novel. it introduces us to private investigators patrick kenzie and angela gennaro as they work the dark underworld of and mean streets of boston, mass. an artfully combined detective and political thriller, the 2 private eyes are engaged to search for stolen politically sensitive documents. their quest leads them into the explosively changed, racial underworld of boston. violence, distrust, hypocrisy, and just outright meanness all lead to an explosive conclusion. not for the faint of heart or intellectually squeamish. outstanding debut work. i have read most of mr. lehane's novels but for some reason failed to read his first three. i am now making up for that in a most delicious way. he is indeed a wonderful writer in the vain of lee child and michael connelly. he brings the detective genre alive while grabbing the reader from the very start. some language and some very graphic violence. some eluded to graphic sex. all germane to the plot and not gratuitous but could cause some revulsion. must read, especially for those who like detective genre novels. good read anytime.