Brand : Nature's Bounty

Nature's Bounty Earthly Elements Nutritional Supplement, Grapefruit Essential Oil, 10 ml

Forrest wildwood |

Pleasing scent

Patchouli aromatherapy oil is a nice fragrance. add a drop to your favorite diffusing method and enjoy one of those ancient spicy scents. this is easy to use with no mess. well worth adding to sooth out the senses.

S. dargin |

Great smell and price

I put 6 drops into my diffuser and within minutes the kitchen smelled wonderful, like a high end spa. it’s not overwhelming but it is a strong, calming, and relaxing clean smell. i enjoy the smell. with oils the company’s reputation, quality, personal taste, and affordability are important considerations. this rates high on all of those criteria.

Kristen b |

Beautiful floral scent!

I really love this jasmine oil. i use right now only in diffusers and its very potent and filled my entire room with love floral jasmine scent! it is blended with almond oil ( which would be nice when applying to skin ) but i seriously can't smell a difference compared to my straight jasmine essential oils. the plus with this oil is you don't have to add a carrier oil if applying directly to skin. love this scent!