Brand : Kurt Aland

New Testament: Novum Testamentum Latine Nova Vulgata (Latin Edition)

Marty john miller |

Helpful and readable latin new testament

A readable and well cited version of the new vulgate translation of the new testament. please realize that this book is only in latin, and does not include the greek.

Richard d. ackerman |

Great source of provocative thought

Bought this along with a new color-coded copy of the king james bible. it is very interesting to see how the ecclesiastical language has been watered down over the years and, at least arguably, as a result of the reformation. while the core message is the same, the strength of the message varies with the language used and the depth of the meaning given to specific words. reading this text gives a larger dimension to the history, meaning, and practice of christian faith over a period of about 2000 years.

Mr. p |

Great scholarly bible!!!

Really good latin vulgate new testament. would recommend it for a serious student of the bible. this is one of the scholarly-academic bible products offered originally by the german bible society originally as the publisher of these bible resources. i have quite a collection of scholarly-academic bibles, which i have reviewed each of them here for informational and customer satisfaction i have received from using these academic scriptural tools in my own private studies as a bible enthusiast and bible buff hobbyist myself, who hopes to someday receive academic mcertification in bible teaching. this is just one of many these kinds of scholarly bibles, which receive my mark of 100% for use among regular people, who love the bible and the original languages of the bible as a personal hobby or even for a ministry interest to pursue in their studies as academic students in theological seminaries or bible colleges or ministry schools for degree studies programs.